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Hello everyone. We are Jeff & Tracey. Welcome to our homepage. We hope you enjoy your visit and please feel free to come back and visit us again. You can even send a few friends.

We have a lot of different things for you to explore. If you'd like to know a little bit about us . Want to see our babies? Come on they're cute.

Would you like to visit some of our friends' pages too? We hope you like their pages as much as we do. Why not sign their guestbooks and let them know you were there. Believe me it is appreciated when someone signs your guestbook.

A few of our Favorite Quotes

Do you like Star Trek? We do very much. Jeff has been a fan since The Original Series, but Tracey just started to get into it after watching a few episodes of Deep Space Nine, then a few episodes of The Next Generation, then a few episodes of Voyager. Next came a couple of movies and now she watches all of it. Jeff's fav movie is #2 The Wrath Of Khan. Tracey's fav movie is #8 First Contact.

We'd love it if you would visit our Star trek Pages. First is our Star Trek Links page. We have links to other great Star Trek pages. Come check it out you never know what you might find. Next is our gif pages. If you have a web page that you'd like to decorate with Star Trek Gifs why. We have many different types of gifs including pics of your favorate characters, insignia, ships, lines & bars, backgrounds, and buttons. Why not stop in and check it out. Sign our guestbook while you're there and let us know you were there.

Next up why not visit some of our other gif pages. We love to decorate so we have lots of different things to choose from. First up is our background pages. You need a good background to get started.TRACEY'S BACKGROUNDS has backgrounds of stars, sunsets, skies, waterfalls, animals, flowers, stone, wood, food, bubbles, balls, and beach stuff, and lots more. We add to these pages all the time so make sure come by often to see what we have added. We have a lot of pages that we work on.

Ok how about some BUTTONS for your pages. We have lots of different sets to choose from. We also have a 2nd pageBULLETS. See if we have something that you would like to use. There are also holiday buttons and bullets.

Ok you have backgrounds and buttons to choose from how about some dividers. We have several pages to choose from.
LINES & BARS We have a variety of different lines and bars to choose from like an animated hot air balloon, fences, balls, straight lines, and barbed wire, doggie biscuits, hot dogs, apple pies, watermelons, cats, pooh, fish, paw prints, butterflies, icicles, candycanes, stockings, trees, garlands, santas, jack-o-lanterns, candy corn, bones, shamrocks, fall leaves, acorns, chicks, bunnies, pastel lines, movie stubs, telephones, bubbles, daisies, vines, holly, sunflowers, hearts, pacman, leggo, books, smileys, footprints, staples, elmo, snoopy, flintstones, and so many more. You HAVE to come see.

Ok now you have the basics. Why not venture into different fields. Do you like butterflies? I know you do. We have a page of over 300 500 different butterfly gifs that you have to see. Our Butterfly Gifs page has over 35 88 backgrounds to choose from both tiled and left bordered. We also have lots of beautiful lines and bars to choose from around 87, buttons and bullets too, and lots of butterfly gifs both still and animated. We add new ones to our collection all the time. A word about our butterflies, we pick only the best. Just because it is a butterfly does not mean it has to be on our page, it has to be pretty or unusual.

We also have a few kid gifs to choose from. Like pooh, tigger, and a few others. We have more to add to this page but like we said before there is not enough time in the day to get it all done so we have to do a little bit here and there.

Our favorite times of the year are holidays. How about you? Our all time fav is Christmas. We have several holiday gif pages to choose from starting with New Year and going through Christmas. HOLIDAY GIFS is our index page. By visiting it you will find the links to all of the holidays that we have. This was a fav page to build. It took a lot of hours but we're glad.

Next up is our CAT GIFS. We don't have a lot but the ones we do have are great. Why not see if we have something you like.

Along the way you pick up things. We found a few recipe pages here and there if you need a few ideas about spicing up dinner.RECIPES You don't want the same thing over and over. If you have some recipe links that you think we could add to our list please email the url to us and we'd be glad to add it to our page.

Next up is ourLINKS page. We have links to lots of other great gif sites, music sites, search engines, and lots of other goodies. Why not stop in and see if there is something for you to explore.

Wanna see some PICS of us and our friends and family? We don't have as many pics on here as we'd like but we hope to add more and time goes on. UPDATED

1ST HOMEPAGEThis was our first attempt at a homepage when we first started out in august of 98. It wasn't too bad but we have improved quite a bit since then. We didn't even know what HTML was!!!! LOL! It's hard to believe what we know now in comparison. A few people seem to like what we've done and even gave us AWARDS for our hard work. It's really a great feeling when you wake up and find an email with an award waiting for you first thing in the morning. We are very proud of our awards. We even got one from Dr Draac himself. That was a huge thrill. Not to say we didn't get a thrill from receiving all of our other awards too.

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