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~~ About Us ~~

Hello and Thank you for visiting our homepage. We are Jeff & Tracey of Indianapolis. We have been married for almost five years but have been together for seven and a half. We have no children yet but plan to some time in the future. At the moment we dote on our two pets that we consider our children. [people say we are nuts!] They are Sydney & Georgie. Sydney who will turn nine on August 24, 2002. He is a 125lb rottweiler with a heart of gold. Georgie turned four March 18, 2002. He is Sydney's play pal. He's a 12lb fluffy kitty who is so full of mischief we should have named him "Dennis the Mennace"!!! Jeff is originally from New York and has worked for Yellow Freight since 1992.Tracey is originally from Scotland and works for Super Target & Walgreens.

~~ Things We Like ~~

We both love to surf the net and play Nintendo 64, and watching a really great movie. Jeff is into hunting, fishing, and swimming. Tracey likes cross stitch, needlepoint, and photography. We both also love the mountains and fall foliage. Jeff would love to live in Montana where your nearest neighbor is 20 miles away, but Tracey likes to stay closer to civilization where our neighbor is within shouting distance. We also love Star Trek movies except #1 and love all of the Star Trek series'. We both really love Tigers the true king of the jungle, and Tracey especially loves bald eagles.

~~ Things We Do Not Like ~~

Rude people, you know who you are. We do not like people who lie & cheat others for their personal gain. Neither one of us likes to be woke up before the alarm goes off. We hate being knocked off line by a telemarketing company trying to sell us something we do not want (Not any more thanks to cable modem!). We hate hummidity and rain but love a white christmas. Being stuck in traffic is no fun either. We recently realized that we hate long distance driving trips!

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