I did not make any of these globes. I just found them surfing the net. These are my favs.

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Pink & Red roses Mystical Lady Snowy Christmas House
Pegasus Bald Eagle Cute Easter Bunnies Jack o Lantern
3 babes in a tub Betty Boop Butterflies Xmas Mouse
Dolphins Eagle Another Eagle Dog w/ rose

Witchy Eagles- Memorial Day Wolf & Woman Lost Mothers
Kittens Hamster Unicorn St Paddy's Day
Koala Mouse in teacup Indian Maiden Indian Maiden w/ dove

Teddy Bear Thanksgiving Unicorns Purple Candles
4th of July Christmas Candles Pretty Squaw Baby Polar Bear
Indian Maiden w/ horse Maiden w/ wolves Indian Maiden Eagle

Puppy Rottie Pup Wolves Wolf
White Cat Santa Santa Snowman
Unicorn Wedding Bells Xmas Candles Fawn

Santa Santa & Sleigh Shepherd kids July 4th
Polar Cub Pretty Wolf Indian Chief
Eagle Soaring @ sunset Lighthouse

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